How to clean foam kitchen mats?

 How to clean foam kitchen mats?

How to clean foam kitchen mats

Cleaning a kitchen mat is essential to remove dirt and stains and give it back its beautiful look. Having a foam kitchen mat is not only increase the comfort and beauty of your kitchen but it can also make you worry that how to clean foam kitchen mat? After washing a kitchen with baking soda and black soap and soda water, or with warm white vinegar and ammonia, you look for other solutions for cleaning your kitchen mat. Follow our guide to get the best results.



If your foam kitchen mat is washable in washable and do not have any label of  ONLY HAND WASH then you can wash it in washing machine easily.
You have to set your washing machine on a delicate cycle, than pour normal laundry soap whatever you use for your other laundry and always use cold water for your foam kitchen mat because washing in hot water will not only damage its color but also effects foam.
After washing let your foam kitchen mat dry in open air don't dry clean the rug.


If you have a label of ONLY HAND WASH in your foam kitchen mat then you can wash it easily by hands also by following these steps:

Fill cold water in a tub and add your 1 to 2 spoon of laundry detergent in it and mix it well
Dip your foam kitchen mat in this tub and leave it for at least 30min to 1 hour.
After 20 minutes put on rubber gloves and scrub the foam mat with any soft cloth to remove the dirt and stains from the mat.
After scrubing thoroughly rinse the foam kitchen mat with cold water.
After rinse hang the foam kitchen mat to let it dry in air without dry cleaning.

Cleaning a Kitchen mat that is neither fragile nor very dirty

If your kitchen mat  is neither fragile nor very dirty, then you can clean it with soapy water (Marseille soap or black soap). Use a sponge, do not wash your carpet with plenty of water, rinse it with lightly vinegar water (white vinegar) and let it dry.

 To clean a synthetic carpet, you can also use ammonia: a small glass added to a liter of water and a glass of washing up liquid.

Can you wash kitchen floor mats?

Yes you can wash your kitchen mats easily at home.
Take your kitchen mat out in your laundry area because washing mats in kitchen is not a good idea it can make your kitchen floor dirty.
first shake your kitchen mat to remove as much dust as possible.
Now pour some mild detergent or dish soap in water mix it and spread this water on your mat.
Use rubber gloves or sponges to clean the stains.
Rinse it and leave it to dry in air.
Your kitchen mat is now clean.

How to clean a woolen kitchen mat

To clean a dirty or heavily stained woolen rug or shaggy rug, you need to have these things:

A mixture of lukewarm water (1 liter)

Soda ash (1 cup) with a damp

wrung-out sponge 

 then rinse with clean water and pat dry with a terry towel. You can also take warm soapy water with a few drops of ammonia. Rub in all directions with a soft sponge, focus on the stains. Wait a moment then rinse with lukewarm water with a sponge. 

To dry your carpet, dab with a towel and finish with a hair dryer (lukewarm air) or leave it in a sunlight to completely dry.


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