Can you wash kitchen mats


Can you wash kitchen mats

Of all the rugs in the house, the kitchen carpet is the most exposed to stains, dust, and dirt. so, it's obviously a sensible question before buying a kitchen mat that can you wash kitchen mats

The answer is YES, you can wash your kitchen mat easily but if you want to wash it in the washing machine then you should buy the one which has a machine washable tag on it.
Your next question should be how to wash kitchen mats without a machine? well, there are some methods by which you can not only wash it but it can become a new one after every wash.

When was the last time you washed the kitchen mat in a dirty place? Kitchen mats tend to be washed less frequently than clothes and towels, but they are also places where food is handled, so you want to keep them clean at all times. Introducing how to wash the kitchen mat.

Kitchen mats are easy to get dirty

In the kitchen, various things such as washing water, foam, food, and seasonings are scattered and spilled. The kitchen mat at your feet is very easy to get dirty and may have various stains. In addition, the area of ​​the mat is also large, and if the kitchen mat is dirty, it makes the whole kitchen feel dirty. you should wash the kitchen mat as often as possible to keep it clean and clean.

Let's wash the kitchen mat

 Since the kitchen uses water and oil, kitchen mats are apt to get dirty. Let's remove it from the noticeable dirt.
Many kitchen mats are machine washable. However, if there are conspicuous stains such as seasonings or food debris, it is better to first remove the conspicuous stains and then wash.

Check first

Check the washing label on the kitchen mat. If there is a detergent designation or "hand wash" indication, wash according to the instructions.

Hand wash

What to prepare
Laundry net
Vacuum cleaner

There may be food residue on the kitchen mat. If you put it in the washing machine as it is, the inside of the washing machine will get dirty, so carefully vacuum the front and back to remove dust, debris, hair, etc.

Cleans noticeable stains

For conspicuous stains such as curry, dressing, soy sauce stains, and oil stains, wash them by tapping or rubbing.


Apply detergent to your old toothbrush.
Tap the dirt with a toothbrush to lift the dirt.
Rubbing and washing
Apply detergent to the dirt and rub it with both hands to wash it.
Another option is to apply kitchen detergent directly to the dirty area, wash it, and then rinse it off with water. If it doesn't come off with kitchen detergent, then use bleach to apply it.

Put in the laundry net

Fold it up so that the heavily soiled side is on top and put it in the laundry net. A laundry net is not required, but it is better to put it in the net to prevent wrinkles after it dries.

How to wash kitchen mats in the washing machine?

Wash in the washing machine as usual. Kitchen mats are often very dirty, so wash them alone. Do not wash with other clothing.


The kitchen mat is thick and difficult to dry, but since it will be left in the kitchen, it must be thoroughly dried to the backside. You can dry it by passing it over two clothes-drying rods to make an "M" shape, or by using two hangers and making it an "M" shape as well, you can eliminate the overlapping part and dry it quickly to the backside.

Do you need a kitchen mat?

While some people use kitchen mats, many do not. The following comments are often found on the Internet as reasons for not using them.

Dirty quickly
Troublesome to wash
Dirt gets in between the mats and is rather dirty
Without a mat, even if water or dirt splashes on the floor, it can be wiped off immediately, eliminating the hassle of washing.

On the contrary, the merit of using a kitchen mat is like this.

Become non-slip
 Feet don't get cold
If you wipe the flooring with water every day, it gets dirty. The floor will not be damaged
How about, do you need a kitchen mat in your home? If you continue to use a dirty mat without washing it, you may consider the option of taking the plunge and disposing of it.

How Often Should You Clean Kitchen Mats? 

This depends on how much you do cooking in a kitchen or how often you work in a kitchen? if you work often in your kitchen then you should wash your kitchen mat once a week because it will get dirty every week.
But if you work once in a while then you can be your kitchen mat after every 15 days, but it is not a formula you should look into your mat and give it a wash whenever it feels dirty.

If you use a kitchen mat, wash it often
Kitchen mats that are left lying in a dirty kitchen are prone to various stains. Since most of the kitchen mat can be washed in the washing machine, you must wash it properly so it can remain in its original state for as long as possible.


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